I'm Invincible Lyrics (Romanized) Ado

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Motoki Ohmori
Motoki Ohmori
Watashi wa Saikyou

Ado - I'm Invincible Lyrics (Romanized)

saa, kowaku wa nai
Fuan wa nai
Watashi no yume wa minna no negai
Uta utaeba kokoro hareru
Daijoubu yo watashi wa saikyou

watashi no koe ga
Kotori wo sora e hakobu
Nabiita fuku mo odoriko mitai de sa
Anata no koe ga
Watashi wo furuitataseru
Toge ga sasatte shimatta nara hora hora oide

mita koto nai atarashii keshiki
Zettai ni mireru no
Naze naraba
Ikiterun da kyou mo

saa, nigiru te to te
Hikari no hou e
Minna no yume wa watashi no shiawase
Aa, kitto doko ni mo nai anata shika mottenai
Sono nukumori de watashi wa saikyou

mawarimichi demo
Watashi ga arukeba seikai
Wakatteiru kedo
Hiku ni hikenakute sa

muri wa chotto shite demo
Hana ni mizu wa agetai wa
Sou yappa shitai koto shinakya
Kusaru deshou? kitai ni wa kotaeru no

itsuka kuru darou subarashiki jidai
Ima wa tada matteru dareka wo ne
Kurikaeshiteru itamashii nigami
Hi wo tomosu junbi wa dekiteru no?
Iza ikan saikouhou

saa, kowaku wa nai?
Fuan wa nai?
Watashi no omoi wa minna ni wa omoi?
Uta utaeba kiri mo hareru
Migoto na made ni watashi wa saikyou

saa, nigiru te to te
Hikari no hou e
Minna no yume wa watashi no negai
Kitto doko ni mo nai anata shika mottenai
Sono yowasa ga terasu no

saiai no hibi
Wasurenu chikai
Itsuka no yume ga watashi no shinzou
Nando demo nando demo iu wa
“watashi wa saikyou”

“anata to saikyou”

“anata to saikyou”

Ado - I'm Invincible English Translation (Official)

Now, let worry fall away
No fear allowed to stay
My dream is now your wish and my hope never-ending
When clouds build up inside, my song can clear the sky
You know I’m invincible, everything is alright

My voice carries birds in flight
With ev’ry note, they go higher and higher
See how I move with such grace, just like a dancer on the stage
Your voice carries life within
Calls me to action again and again
If you’re hurt and you need me, I’ll always be there, I swear

I’ll always protect you, we’ll have the chance to go to brand new heights
You and I, unstoppable when we’re together
We can have it all
A fire burns within our hearts

Now, let us go hand in hand
To a light that lies ahead
All of our hopes and dreams can bring happiness when we’re in sync
I’ve always felt this warmth from you, no one gives affection like you do
You make me invincible when you’re here by my side

Though this path has twists and turns
If I can walk it, there’s so much I’ll learn
I know it’s the long way round
But there’s no way I’m backing out now

See all my flowers? I’ll tend to each one
Don’t care if I feel just a bit overcome
We’re obliged to do everything we want or fester inside
Don’t let this moment die, we’ve got to try!

Soon we will see a brand new era dawn, the day will come
The world is waiting for someone to change the way it’s done
We keep repeating our mistakes, the cycle’s got to break
It’s time to work through all the pain and be the ones to change
Let’s reach as high as we can go

Now, has worry gone away
And fears all been assuaged?
My feelings may be strong but there’s power when you have passion
When fog builds up inside, my song can clear your mind
Everything will be alright, you know I’m invincible

Now let us go hand in hand
To a light that lies ahead
Your wish is now my dream and my hope never-ending
Even your weakness is unique. There’s no one else like you, you’re what we need
Shine a light into the dark, be a beacon

Love, the feeling that I get
Every time I think of it
The dream that I once had still beats strongly in my heart
Say it once again, say it once again and again
Everything is alright

When you’re here by my side

Strong with you by my side

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Song Title:
I'm Invincible
Alternate Title:
Watashi wa Saikyou
Original Title:
Motoki Ohmori
Motoki Ohmori
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