IU You Lyrics + English Translation

Cover for『IU - You』from the release『Pieces』
  • Release:
  • Lyricist:
    아이유 (IU)
  • Composer:
    아이유 (IU)

IU「You」Lyrics (Romanized)

adeuki tteoreojin goseseo
Amu gwangyeeomneun geotdeureul bomyeo
Jogeum sseulsseulhan gibuneuro
Naneun neoreul bogopeun neoreul tteoollinda

a aedalpeuda ilbureo geureona
Neon eotteolkka oneuldo eoyeoppeunga neo neo

eodinga neo inneun gosedo
Yeogiwa ttokgateun haneuri deuna
Mundeuk georeumi meomchwojimyeon
Geureomyeon neodo jamsi nareul tteoollyeo jura

da neo gatda irido maneulkka
Tteugo heureugo seolkigo tteoreojinda neo neo

adeuki tteoreojin goseseo
Kkeuteopsi heunoneun nugureul alkka
Byeol hana eomneun saekaman bam
Naneun neoreul yuilhan neoreul tteoollinda


  • Artist:

아득히 떨어진 곳에서
아무 관계없는 것들을 보며
조금 쓸쓸한 기분으로
나는 너를 보고픈 너를 떠올린다

아 애달프다 일부러 그러나
넌 어떨까 오늘도 어여쁜가 너 너

어딘가 너 있는 곳에도
여기와 똑같은 하늘이 드나
문득 걸음이 멈춰지면
그러면 너도 잠시 나를 떠올려 주라

다 너 같다 이리도 많을까
뜨고 흐르고 설키고 떨어진다 너 너

아득히 떨어진 곳에서
끝없이 흐노는 누구를 알까
별 하나 없는 새카만 밤
나는 너를 유일한 너를 떠올린다

IU「You」English Translation

In a far away place
Looking at things that have nothing to do with
Feeling a little lonely
I think of you, wanting to see you

Oh, it’s sad, but on purpose
How about you, how are you pretty today?

Wherever you are
Is the sky the same as here?
When your steps suddenly stop
Then you also think of me for a moment

Everyone is like you, is there too many?
Floating and flowing, shaking and falling you you

In a far away place
Who do you know who is crying endlessly?
A black night without a single star
I think of you, the only you

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