Answer Song 歌詞 Girls Dead Monster

アニメ「Angel Beats!」イメージソング
Girls Dead Monster - Answer Song Lyrics
Answer Song 歌詞
歌手:Girls Dead Monster
関連作:Angel Beats!

倒れそうだ もう何時間ギター弾いて歌ってんだ でもなかなか足を止めてもらえない なら叫んでやる 人の苦悩を生きていく理由を だけどこのあたしじゃおこがましい そう思っちゃうよ

今もきこえるその歌声は切なくも力強く そこまであたしに歌えないよ 遠すぎてつかめない

いつの間にか舞台の上に立ってた ど真ん中 広がる視界 観客ばかり 埋もれてしまいそう 逃げろ! シールドが絡みついて動けない どうしよう これはもう真っ向から挑むしかない

歌いだしはとちっちゃったけどBメロから落ち着いてきた 後は身をゆだねて歌うよ メンバーを信じてるよ I want to reach you I want to become you 声よ爆ぜろ! I can sing a rainbow I can sing like the gods 天までJump!

やがて涼しい風が吹いてた 汗も乾いてた 本当に空の上まで来ちゃったようだよ

「今もきこえてるこの歌声はあなたの声なんだよ? いつか一緒に歌ってみたいな その日を楽しみにしてる」

Such a voice was heard Such a song was heard うん、歌うよ I shout living here I shout friends here 空高く

Answer Song Lyrics
Artist:Girls Dead Monster
Tie-in:Angel Beats! Image Song

taoresou da mou nan jikan gitaa hiite utattenda demo nakanaka ashi o tomete moraenai nara sakendeyaru hito no kunou o ikiteiku riyuu o dakedo kono atashi ja okogamashii sou omocchau yo

ima mo kikoeru sono utagoe wa setsunakumo chikaradzuyoku soko made atashi ni utaenai yo toosugite tsukamenai

itsu no ma ni ka butai no ue ni tatteta domannaka hirogaru shikai kankyaku bakari uzumoreteshimaisou nigero! shi-rudo ga karamitsuite ugokenai dou shiyou kore wa mou makkou kara idomu shika nai

utaidashi wa tochicchatta kedo b mero kara ochitsuitekita ato wa mi o yudanete utau yo menba- o shinjiteru yo i want to reach you i want to become you koe yo hazero! i can sing a rainbow i can sing like the gods ten made jump!

yagate suzushii kaze ga fuiteta ase mo kawaiteta hontou ni sora no ue made kichatta you da yo

“ima mo kikoeteru kono utagoe wa anata no koe nanda yo? itsuka issho ni utattemitai na sono hi o tanoshimi ni shiteru”

such a voice was heard such a song was heard un, utau yo i shout living here i shout friends here sora takaku

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I feel like I’m going to collapse; just how long have I been singing and playing this guitar? But I just can’t get my feet to stop moving. If that’s the case, I’ll just scream; scream about the reason people live through their suffering, But I feel I’d be being a bit presumptuous; I can’t help but think so.

The singing voice that I hear even now is heart-rending, but very strong, But my singing can’t reach that far, it’s too far for me to grasp.

Before I knew it, I was standing on a stage, in the very center, The view that opens before me is of nothing but an audience; it’s going to bury me! Run away! But a shield has coiled itself around me and I can’t move. What should I do? I have no choice but take this head on!

I messed up the opening lines, but after the B-melody, I’ve calmed down a bit, All I have to do now is surrender my body and sing; I believe in my fellow members. I want to reach you, I want to become you, Oh, my voice, burst open! I can sing a rainbow, I can sing like the gods, Jump up to heaven!

Finally, a cool breeze blows and my sweat dries, It seems we actually did go above the sky.

“That singing voice that I hear even now is yours, isn’t it? I’d like to sing together with you some day, I’m eagerly awaiting that day.”

Such a voice was heard, Such a song was heard, Yes, I’ll sing. I shout living here, I shout friends here, High into the sky.

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