Mister 歌詞

『YOASOBI - Mister』収録の『E-SIDE 3』ジャケット


発売日: 2024.04.12
作詞: Ayase・英語詞:Konnie Aoki
作曲: Ayase
編曲: Ayase

La-la-la-la-la-la, la

Sit in a room so little, no one around, there is only me
And I’m recalling of what being by you used to be
Stage of the story, distant sighting
Buildings rise upon the scene
Standing tall, large in form, in a big city that is seen across the sea

La-la-la-la-la-la, la

I keep the day of our very first encounter in mind
Now rewind to the time you’ve entered
Formal, in a shirt and jacket that were not fitting your inner side

You were concise, and spoke a few words only
Absolutely so strict towards me
I remember scoldings often happened
And still, all of the tools my heart runs on
Were covered up by a sense of weakness
But yet

Then, I held the wish to comprehend
All things about you, from beginning to end
However, never could request it
And without saying anything, so softly prayed under the moon
Even if not much, I’d like to understand
So, I spent lots of days in that state of mind

La-la-la-la-la-la, la
La-la-la-la-la-la, la

So, even though off and on you showed it in your motion
So peaceful and calm was your expression
You’ve only shown your tears once, that’s all I know about
You could not conceal them as they came pouring out
Yes, kindness was inside
And on that day, came to sight

That day was the final time for both
As I replay, the night overlaid
My hand in yours, I felt you clasping hard while smiling in the dark
But now, you are no longer here

In this moment, I wish I could hear
Once more, as before, I wish you’d let it reach my ears
Your compassion and hints of awkwardness
Interweaving through your voice
Firm, stirring words of forwardness

Wanting it now, and what is this I’ve found?
What is the name of what I’m feeling now?
What you’ve always done is all I’m calling for
As I wish for scoldings like before, mister

La-la-la-la-la-la, la
La-la-la-la-la-la, la




  • YOASOBI Mister 歌詞





YOASOBI Mister 歌詞 (ミスター 英語バージョン)