Loving You 歌詞

『YOASOBI - Loving You』収録の『E-SIDE 3』ジャケット


よみ: ラビングユー
発売日: 2024.04.12
作詞: Ayase・英語詞:Konnie Aoki
作曲: Ayase
編曲: Ayase

Suddenly, I feel like I cannot confine this urge
I’m sending my friend an SOS
To get her to listen to me talk, telling my story
What I think…
Oh, you know…
About that guy

Something that you told and said so often before
Oh, so feeble is such a reaction
I know I’m bugging you, I don’t really care any more
You’ve gotta listen ’till my satisfaction
And now, it’s time to make a move
Here goes my fourth confession

One-sided love, I doubt it’s gonna happen
It’s hard to take
No, we can just be friends, though
To let a “hi” come out as I am walking
Then, on my way, I seemed to feel’s enough back then
Emotions I held in
Your voice, repeatedly, is resounding deep in my head

If only I had never opened up and let you know my thoughts
And kept them within, down in place
Now that you know what I will say from head to toe
I’ll never get your heart to pace

When I first let you know it, it was ten years ago
I was too innocent, I spoke with a pure heart
Tried over five years back, too light and too unclear
And so, tried over three years back, got the same outcome
If only I could try again, I would rewrite every step from the start

So, I am time-traveling back to that very day
To retrieve my lines and win back my first confession
And to make sure, make sure I cut out everything
So, it will be alright
So, will it be okay?

Countless times, rejected as I was disappointed
Inside, was sore, I’ve been so often through it
But each time I was swayed by the things that you have always loved
They have become what brings me joy and takes my heart above
I’ll always recall
I could never replace them
Now, those are what I call treasures I adore
This might fail, no big deal
Oh, I will tell you once more
How I feel, deep inside, about you




  • YOASOBI Loving You 歌詞


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YOASOBI Loving You 歌詞 (好きだ 英語バージョン)