manimani 歌詞

『YOASOBI - manimani』収録の『E-SIDE 3』ジャケット


よみ: まにまに
発売日: 2024.04.12
作詞: Ayase・英語詞:Konnie Aoki
作曲: Ayase
編曲: Ayase

Lone, unknown, I’m moving on through the night seams
I could view and espy, on a train wavering
Flowing on and moving backwards was a scenery
And so lonely, I watched it as I sat
As I sat

The early afternoon sun in the sky up above is stained by an orange hue
And I set eyes on the growing indigo, it’s crushing that sunset view
I kept track of the final light that I pursued
My eyes chased it as if I were lamenting
Today’s bye-bye, that is why

I step out to cast away tomorrow, and leap, dashing out to escape it all
Got to keep on moving until I reach where my one-way ticket can go
Don’t even have a place where I belong
Nowhere that I’d call home
Now, in the night, oh, just leave me there
Oh, leave me there

Suddenly, I recognize out the window an unlighted scenery
And into sight, I noticed in the dark the ocean has appeared
Decided on a whim
There, I got off, arriving at a town beside the sea
Wave sounds were echoing as to guide me
As I’m walking, they lead
It’s almost like somebody calling, drawing me near
I got closer
The ocean, wide and clear
And no one could interfere
So, forevermore, I will leave my body over here

And while I was thinking it all over
In front of me then, out of the blue
Oh, there you were
Right under the moonlight tonight
Your skin so pale and so light
Wearing a white one-piece in view
Tell me why you came and what you hope to see?
Question unforeseen, was a surprise to me
So, at a loss for words, came out of me
“To observe… the sea”

You took out something I did not get to see yet
And then showed me one slightly old firework set
I observed as she was standing over the concrete
And saw her feet, and there, barefoot she was

Oh, today is the day I have decided
I’d end it all, that’s why I’m sure that I have come closer to that realm in that moment
And it’s why I managed to catch sight of you
We met on that night
So, it’s just me and you, in this place
The fireworks, we took them out

Now got, now got
Heating flames a little bit nearer, they do not seem to ignite
You figured the cause I came to be in this area
Assessed and guessed it right
Then you said I should not proceed with it repeatedly
And showed a serious look as you spoke it out
I know, but…

So, all at once, right in front of our hands
A spark has suddenly lit up
Naturally, we both got together and started yelling
“Oh, look, it lit up!”
With a gleaming light as bright as ever
The fireworks were burning as a sharp sound kept ringing out
Kept ringing out

You could see the light fading so fast
We couldn’t keep up and take time to watch it slow
Though not wanting to waste it, followed it until it fully blended with the night
In the train, when I was looking out of that window
Saw that final sun, had those same regrets inside
Went after that light
Yeah, I’m thinking…

When tonight is over, and the dark subsides
Somewhere far, will you then vanish way beyond the tides

Running from the night veil of complete darkness
I woke up to shining rays of morning brightness
Next to me, I took a look, and as if it were the most normal thing
You’re there, sleeping by my side




  • YOASOBI manimani 歌詞





YOASOBI manimani 歌詞 (海のまにまに 英語バージョン)