A Million Miles Away (English Version) 歌詞

『Belle - A Million Miles Away (English Version)』収録の『BELLE (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [English Edition]』ジャケット


タイアップ: 映画「竜とそばかすの姫 (英語バージョン)」劇中歌
よみ: アミリオンマイルズアウェイ
発売日: 2022.01.14
作詞: 細田守・中村佳穂・岩崎太整
作曲: 岩崎太整


Light glimmers in a flower
Like jewels in a dream
The sky breathes life, love to everything

At times I’ve thought “I’m not enough”
The chains that tie my heart
But there’s still a path that lies ahead for you and I

Memories fade away, clouds of yesterday
With no one to love
Is this life worth living?

Come back to me, and stay by my side
I feel my heart shake. Come, ease this ache

I’m standing over here, reaching for you
A million miles away, come back and stay

No matter how far the memories may be
When I close my eyes, you’re all that I see

Come back to me
A million miles away, come back and stay


Sing, let your heart soar! Sing forever!
Sad and so happy! Feelings flow over, now
Our world is full of all kinds of colors
Closing my eyes I still can see the stars
Shine in the sky, sing their harmony
Flowers, they’re blooming, oh it’s beautiful
Sing! Sing! Sing!
Sing this song, I won’t stop now
Sing it through, I love you
The voice carries on


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歌手: Belle
タイアップ: 竜とそばかすの姫 (英語バージョン)


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