spiral (English Short Ver.) Lyrics

Cover art for『LONGMAN - spiral (English Short Ver.)』from the release『spiral』


Release: 2023.08.30
Lyricist: HIROYA HIRAI・English Lyrics: Rihito Shibata (LT works.)
Arranger: LONGMAN・Naoki Itai

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I tore the atlas into pieces
The world is still standing like always
I did it again…
Well I blamed it on others.
Ashamed of myself

Goes on and on, I’m a pretender waiting for someone. Feels alone
From here do you think I can start it over again

I thought I can go wherever I wish to
Where did I go wrong? No longer inside me
Maybe the boy grew up into a man?
No that’s not what I meant
No doubt!

A little bit more, a courage inside me…
Was able to change the future I wished for
I did not know, I was younger back then
Say good bye to the bygone days

There’s no such thing as
“Forever and ever”
Before the ending lights out of the screen
It’s gonna be one step for me
I can do anything
I wish upon a star

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  • LONGMAN - spiral (English Short Ver.) Lyrics

LONGMAN『spiral (English Short Ver.)』Official Music Video (Short ver.)


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LONGMAN - spiral (English Short Ver.) Lyrics