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Unordinary 歌詞 Mika Kobayashi

Mika Kobayashi - Unordinary Lyrics
Unordinary 歌詞
歌手:Mika Kobayashi

Hey, boy I can’t believe it Tell me again what you say Are you really strong enough? All the fires have gone away

See the halo around us Will spread out and start playin’ Feelin’ so quiet as if Like there’s no worse than you are

As it falls just a little bit Like the armor you clad You got lost in the shade of Everything you’d cut away

See, my soul’s gonna pull you Back to our homeland again I just want you to slow down And refine your peace of mind

Boy, I know it’s not too late We’ll make it all around We used to be two of a kind So now I say “Come as you are”

Breathe in my life into your deep rosy heart I know it’s hard for you, forgivin’ yourself Don’t look back on your past and never cry in vain I will follow you down till the wire You know, cause we were unordinary

Unordinary Lyrics
Artist:Mika Kobayashi
Related Artists:Mika KobayashiSawanoHiroyuki[nZk]
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