YOASOBI Love Letter 歌詞


Love Letter


『YOASOBI - Love Letter』収録の『E-SIDE 2』ジャケット
Ayase・英語詞:Konnie Aoki

I feel delighted, to music I adore
I say true thoughts I’ve always had in mind of you
Somehow, I need you to receive it
It’s something that I needed to express
Though I’m a little shy
I can’t let go of thoughts I’m holding inside, I know
Can I write every meaning to convey
Hoping this letter is in your reach
In spite of any situation
Every line of your voice reaching into my head
Provides a power needed inside

I want to smile at all and every moment
But sometimes I hurt inside, I’m out of fuel
But, again, all I would have to do is stretch my hand
To you, reach out
The world would be so bright
And every shade of it colorful
Like all flowers bloom beauty

When laughing, crying, no matter what happens
Selection’s up to me, whenever, tune in
So, today, I’m wondering what type of you I’ll find
Until this world is gone, over, and coming to an end
I’m wishing you resound, always

It’s only you I think of, I always need you to be around
When feeling like I gotta move it with your flow
When feeling like the body is about to blow
You always did have my back
And know that you truly saved my life
Inside my heart, it’s moving, I cannot resist
Inside my heart, it’s filling with a lot of bliss

I want to be there and be by you
Ever surrounding me, staying close
From now, evermore
For you are the one that I treasure
Hope you’ll always be echoing

Can I communicate every feeling
Packed up into a letter you can read?
Don’t know if you’re understanding what I write
Though I’m afraid you haven’t
I can hope that you received all I wanted to say
Sent you what it is that I have been trying to get out of my heart
So, you know, I cannot stand the thought of us not being acquainted
Conception of it scares me because I love you that much

Every thought I wrote, accept it right now

So, when laughing, crying, on and on, for so long
I’ll walk ahead again, do so forevermore
So harsh and dark, and painful things would pile up, but as you know
This world is huge and wide, it overflows
No matter the hour, the place, music’s pouring through
All I stand in front of and everything I’m waiting for
If I’m afraid, then what should be my next move
Don’t know what to say or do, I get so lost, and even though
When I’m not feeling stable, as long as you are there by my side
I’ll keep on moving forward

Calls out emotions hiding in my heart
Rolls out the motion deep in every thought
It’s true, only you, music I love
And nothing comes even close to take its place
Somehow, for centuries to yet come
Somehow, keep on resonating
Evermore, oh, truly, I am grateful

動画ページ: Love Letter 歌詞&動画(MV)


YOASOBI『Love Letter』の詳細

  • YOASOBI Love Letter 歌詞

曲名: Love Letter
よみ: ラブレター
作詞: Ayase・英語詞:Konnie Aoki
作曲: Ayase
編曲: Ayase
動画ページ: Love Letter 歌詞&動画(MV)
ステータス: 公式 フル