Black Sheep 歌詞

『Mori Calliope - Black Sheep』収録の『JIGOKU 6』ジャケット

Mori Calliope

よみ: ブラックシープ
発売日: 2023.08.18
作詞: Mori Calliope
作曲: Koichi Tsutaya (agehasprings)・KOHD (agehasprings)
編曲: Koichi Tsutaya (agehasprings)・KOHD (agehasprings)


I am the picture of a perfect human every day an icon of god
Not programmed to make any mistakes
I am notorious for staying in my lane
Cuz I got what’s on the mannequin with no right to complain

Animosity is permanent, some days I can’t get up
If I showed a bit of weakness I don’t think it would let up
Numbers crushing me, pinning me down
I will not let you see me frowning
In reality, I’m drowning
Someone save me now

Feeling like the pen’s run out at last
Living like a moth beneath the glass
Ever just a slave unto my past
I just laugh

If you retreat now, this life will never change
Just like lyrics you’ ve heard a thousand times
Tired uninspired refrains
Days on repeat cloud my mind
Am I deranged?
When I can hear that fractious anthem in my heart again…
I swear I’m gonna break the chain

We’re living in the upside down

Some call it “niche”
Others call it just “unlikeable”
But this here is an opera where actors are recyclable
I’m breaking parole
Stand out, I won’t be controlled
My hand is stronger than ever and yet I fold

No no no
No time left for a fallen empress
The void ahead is known as tall and endless
Defenseless, expendable
Pretend that I’m still dependable
Told I don’t belong near my own friends
There’s no end
And nothings getting better
So I’m thinking of pushing and pulling myself and
seeing just how far I bend

Feeling like there’s nothing left to write
Living like I’m running out of time
Ever losing sleep wondering why I can’t die

I really need you now
Though life may never change
I want to scream how I feel until I’m gone Rising above the outrage
Days of defeat, loses always stain the page
So I’ll create an undying anthem in my heart again…
Tonight I’m gonna break the chain




歌手: Mori Calliope
ステータス: 公式 フル


  • Mori Calliope Black Sheep 歌詞

Mori Calliope『Black Sheep』の Official Music Video




Mori Calliope Black Sheep 歌詞