Halzion 歌詞

『YOASOBI - Halzion』収録の『E-SIDE 2』ジャケット


よみ: ハルジオン
発売日: 2022.11.18
作詞: Ayase・英語詞:Konnie Aoki
作曲: Ayase
編曲: Ayase


I’m seated into time, it’s passing by
Yet another hopeful thought of you
And despondently staring into a cold screen, at pictures
You and me were laughing loud

I wanted so much to avoid all scenes
I end up knowing more
I’m now surrounded, inside it
And days go by, rolling on
No matter what’s implied
Wish hope was all I needed to meet once again

I nod at all the words you speak
Yes, I believe, in return I’m all alone
As you’re leaving me here, sitting, as time is passing through
Many plans I’d put together
Memories of you, I’m feeling
I look for in my daily life
More days behind me
Yet to come, when in my hand, slip away, and I watch them fall
Since way before, I have been searching, it is gone
And I’m looking back and remembering what I am still holding onto

Draw lines and separate, don’t look back
Gates are facing reality, and I cast it off
It’s why I could not realize, realize
Outer fence, when I took my eyes off
Soul is warmed, arrays of blossoms
All, indeed, was something I could see

Wish I knew, wish I could have known of it
Too worn out is my heart
The closing doors I seal again, and stay over all alone
Enclosed in as I’m hiding, loose, and I am there lying
Sustaining, I’m the one you left alone, behind

Above, the blue-sky scenery
Those days of youth, eye can espy
I know deep inside of me, I can get it all back on board
I bring back atmospheres
Heartbeat is pacing as you vowed, “In love with you”

Allowing no one else to see, feelings I veil
While I’m still hiding with my hands
This moment I perceive, alive, inside, within my truth
Eyes are closing as I call back
While I sight it recreating, it’s a bright scene I think of
Those days behind me, living on
Scattered around, reflection in my mind
It was the vision I had, in flowers not budding in time
Now I can draw the hopes I pursue

Recall your tones and all you told
Those days of old, how beautifully time enfolds
We’ve been in a panorama in that moment of time
All feelings I took my eyes off
Now unite in fate
Connect the ways where I could have walked, too
Those days behind me now are gone
I’m moving on to new horizons, I take off
And from now on, I will be walking, even if you’re gone
The two of us are smiling as I’m waving goodbye
Turn my back on that past as I started moving ahead




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  • YOASOBI Halzion 歌詞

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YOASOBI Halzion 歌詞