『Void_Chords feat.LIO - VAPOR 歌詞』収録の『FLARE』ジャケット 公式 フル


Void_Chords feat.LIO

After the rain, between the clouds I see
A shining beam of sunlight
Spotlighting your face through puddles near my feet

There is a feeling I’ve got deep inside
That I’ve been keeping from you all this time
And the plan is to contain it, hidden in a dream

Waiting for the sun
For I can now see across the mist, pulling me over the past
Looking through the clouds
Said just to be near’s enough, but I want you to see me too

In every part of the world
I could never trust a thing but you would change my days
And now I’m feeling safe
Shining down from above
Everything is now in sync
You cleared the rain
I pray that it won’t be erased

Walking across, down the colored stairs
Arrival from above, you see our hues
Move me all the time
Your story’s repeating in my mind

Searching for the time where sun again fades
Your mind is so full with advancing your life
Crossing every line
And being that major part of your story’s all I could want

In every part of the world
Every bit of time I needed to remain always
will someday be all spent
Everything, I’ve heard
Rhythm from our lives repeated seem to trace, one day,
Counting down to an end

Your heart is beating
I wanna feel it by you

One day this feeling
Could be completed by you

『Void_Chords feat.LIO - VAPOR 歌詞』収録の『FLARE』ジャケット
歌手: Void_Chords feat.LIO
発売日: 2019.07.24
作詞: Konnie Aoki
作曲: 高橋諒
ステータス: 公式 フル
VAPOR Lyrics
Artist: Void_Chords feat.LIO
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Artist: Void_Chords feat.LIO
Release: 2019.07.24
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