rabBIThole 歌詞 SawanoHiroyuki[nzk]:Yosh

SawanoHiroyuki[nzk]:Yosh - rabBIThole Lyrics
rabBIThole 歌詞

Every change comes with reason Still we will blame the time If we don’t face tomorrow Today becomes hard to follow

Until the minutes collapse into this photograph Too many memories left just to be rescued I need this explanation to remind me I’m falling

* Will you come find me sinking to the bottom alone I’ve lost all control to do this alone

** I cannot find escape at the bottom alone Please don’t let me go Don’t let me go

*** I’m falling I’m drowning Way deeper down the rabbit hole I’m falling I’m drowning Deeper deeper down the endless rabbit hole

Sudden change comes with meaning Inside those brand new eyes If we can face tomorrow We will let go of these sorrow

We’ll let the minutes surpass inside this photograph Cause we’re the memories kept safe to be rescued It’s not the explanation that reminds me I’m calling

So when you find me, sinking to the bottom alone. I’ve lost all control to do this alone




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