mio MARE <2v-alk_v> 歌詞 SawanoHiroyuki[nzk]:Yosh

SawanoHiroyuki[nzk]:Yosh - mio MARE <2v-alk_v> Lyrics
mio MARE <2v-alk_v> 歌詞

Hey, what’s up? My old hometown Well… I’m doin’ okay but not very well, not so well My life isn’t the way I hoped nor I planned for myself Cannot say, but I have to say Cannot save, what I have had saved for all my time I never make it right without you

Home sweet home How do I look like through your eyes? Am I grown up enough?

* Spread my wings, put my soul in them cautiously My dearest childhood won’t lie, I know that obviously Now I’m feeling so smooth Like as I can fly, reachin’ for the sky Open my eyes, see my world Hum some melodies Hear my heart beating so loud cause of memories How many smiles can I get? While I spend my life even myself out of breath?

By the way, my old hometown Don’t you know how she has been? She alright? Is she right? I know she’s a tough girl, but she has a fragile heart too She might say, what I have to say Wanna save what I could have saved for all my time You taught us we can live how we are

Home sweet home How do I look like through your eyes? Am I grown up enough?


** You know, it’s not a miracle but meant to be No, I can’t stop cryin’ in joy or by nostalgia But I don’t care So don’t laugh at me, babe

Il mio mare, ma che bel futuro I swear, keep tryin’ so Won’t give up anyway

*Repeat **Repeat

関連歌手:SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]Yosh (Survive Said The Prophet)
mio MARE <2v-alk_v> Lyrics
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