『RiyO - The Game』収録の『The Game』ジャケット

The Game 歌詞 RiyO

アニメ「銀の墓守り」ED 1
RiyO - The Game Lyrics
The Game 歌詞

The story starts from a cupid game I met a girl that day She’s the one controls the fate I fell in love that day

I had to win her, had to win the game

Well if you wanna win, you got to play Let money pave the way I win the game, I win her heart right away She is finally on her way to a lovely date And I hope to say goodbye to lonely days My days

Life’s like a game Everybody plays Go for what we need, see what we didn’t Got what we make

Life is like a game How much did you pay for your dream? For your soul and your loves? For a happy end?



The Game Lyrics
Tie-in:Gin no Guardian ED 1(The Silver Guardian ED 1)
Status:TransliterationTV Size
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