Yuta Bandoh Attachments feat. Leo Imai Lyrics Attachments feat. LEO今井 Drama「

Omameda Towako to Sannin no Motootto

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Cover for『Yuta Bandoh - Attachments feat. Leo Imai』from the release『Towako's Diary - from
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    Yuta Bandoh

Yuta Bandoh「Attachments feat. Leo Imai」Lyrics

How do erase all of these attachments?
Let them slide How could I?
All the time Put it in with zero out
Now I’m lost in the background

How do get through all of these assessments?
Test my life How would I?
Fall behind Further back with every year
Now I’m only a souvenir

Don’t know what you’ve got
Until it’s far off and gone
Don’t know what you had
Until it’s out of your hands

Little feelings but how they ache
Like a habit I cannot shake
A little bitterness is all I taste
Want to have it not go to waste
Little wonder that I won’t forget
When we haven’t laid this thing to rest
A little bitterness is what is left
Like an error that we cannot correct

Got a feeling like this ain’t it
Like a habit I cannot quit
Got a bitterness all o’er my lips
Feel her slipping through my fingertips
Little wonder that I cannot give in
Like I haven’t ever been
A little bitterness is my only friend
Want to follow her until the end

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