Beer (Secret Track) Lyrics (Romanized)

Cover art for『Soma Saito - Beer (Secret Track)』from the release『Secret Tracks』
Original Title: ビール (Secret Track)

Soma Saito 斉藤壮馬

Release: 2022.11.07
Lyricist: Soma Saito
Composer: Soma Saito

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Artist: Soma Saito 斉藤壮馬
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  • Soma Saito - Beer (Secret Track) Lyrics (Romanized)

  • Soma Saito - ビール (Secret Track) Lyrics (Romanized)


斉藤壮馬『ビール (Secret Track)』の動画

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Soma Saito - Beer (Secret Track) (ビール (Secret Track)) Lyrics (Romanized)