Rising Rainbow Lyrics (Romanized) Misokkasu


Misokkasu「Rising Rainbow」Lyrics (Romanized)

[ameagari no sora wo matsu kono shizukesa wo kirisaite]

arukidasu hibi no naka ni tokubetsu na hito ga hora ukabu daro
Kogoeru yoru anata wo mamoru no wa sonna hito to kizuita omoide tachi

kono chiisana tenohira de mirai wo gyu tto gyu tto gyu tto tsukamu no sa

“ameagari no sora ni, hora
Niji ga kakaru yo”
Sonna hi ga kuru sa
Ima hiza wo tsuku anata mo sou
Nando datte tachiagareru sa

kisetsu ni wa mada hayai akatonbo
Yuudachi wo yokan shite amayadori
Zawameku sora kara potsupotsu to mune wo ugatsu shizuku to waraigoe

doshaburi no ame no naka kimi no te wo gyu tto tsukamu no sa

taiyou ga kao wo dasu
Hora sakki made no doshaburi ga uso mitai ni

ima seijaku wo kirisaite niji ga kakaru yo
“sonna hi” wa kyou sa
Ameagari no sora ni hora ichijin no kaze ga fuita

Misokkasu「Rising Rainbow」English Translation

[Cut through the calm that awaits a sky free of rain!]

Amidst days of stepping forth, I bet people precious to you always come to mind,
‘Cause what protects you on freezing nights are the memories you’ve built along with them.

The tiny palms of those hands are gonna firmly… firmly… firmly take hold of the future!

“Look, now that the rain has stopped,
A rainbow is rising through the sky!”
That day is on its way!
And though you’ve fallen to your knees,
You too will have the power to rise up as many times as it takes!

A red dragonfly still too early for the season,
Senses an evening shower and heads for cover;
From the stirring sky above, bit by bit, come drops that pierce the heart and laughing voices.

Standing amidst the downpour, I firmly take hold of your hand!

The sun shows it’s face,
As if the downpour a second ago had all been a lie!

Now cut through the calm and a rainbow will cross the sky –
“That day” is today!
And through a sky free of rain, a gust of wind blew forth.

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