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Cover for『HIMEHINA - kiryca』from the release『kiryca』
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    Soma Genda・Hayato Yamamoto

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HIMEHINA「kiryca」Lyrics (Romanized)

saraba subete no koinegai yo kitare subete no wazawai yo
Keisei tokigane kikazu kure bokura wa sekai ni kirawareta
Fuyu ni, haru, ibuki ni, kuchiochi kieru inochi no tamayura
Hito no yume wa hakanai mon da satori mabuta de uta wo tsukanda

oshiete kirika tobenai tobenai jinrui wa mou
Tasukete kirika hyoujou nai kurai mirai wo ayumu kurai nara

yume wo mite ikiro ikiro
Sou takaku takaku takaku sora wo miage nagara
Kibou wo mite ikiro ikiro
Tatoe subete kanawanakatta to shitemo
Kataomoi de ii
Sakebe, sore demo sekai wo aishiteru to

kono ressei na shakai to shikai ni waita aku aku to shita aitsu koitsu
Iya da ne, “inochi” ga miesugite
Ai wo ai to sagesumu you ni ugatta hou ga kakkoii tte kakko tsuki de urawara warau
Sonna jidai ni

nani wo negau no? risou? Sorry! muri! daitai
Kanawanain da yo
Mubou na Run kizutsuki ueru kurai nara

yume wo sute ikiru hou ga tayasuku yasuku shiawase darou
Tebanaseba ii
Kibou wo sute ikiru no nara
Ima sugu subete owaraseba ii kedo
Sabishiku naru ne
Warae, sore nara sekai yo tasukete to

shiawase ni narun da
Tozasanaide inochi wo kirazu ni koko ni ite yo

hito wa yowai ikimono dakara
Kibou ya ai ga hitsuyou daro
Tomo ni… ikiyou

yume wo mite ikiro ikiro
Sou tomo ni tomo ni tomo ni sora wo miage nagara
Kibou wo mite ikiro ikiro
Tatoe subete kowarete shimatta to shitemo
Yumemi mabuta de
Kono yanda sekai ni negai wo sasageru yo kirika
Utae, sore demo sekai wa hareru yo to

HIMEHINA「kiryca」English Translation

Farewell, to all that is good and rare. Come forth, all of the calamities
As nightfall didn’t listen to the chiming bells of warning, We were hated by the world
The winter, spring, our breaths, decays and fell over. By a fleeting moment of a vanishing life,
a human’s dreams are ephemeral. With enlightened eyelids, I grasped the song

Please tell me, Kiryca. I can’t fly, I can’t fly, humanity is already…
Please save me, Kiryca. Rather than walking on a dark, expressionless future…

Let’s all dream, and live on, live on
Yes, look higher and higher to the sky above
Let’s all hope, and live on, live on
Even if everything doesn’t come true,
even if it’s a one-sided feeling,
Shout out that you still love the world

I was excited by the visibility of this inferior society, that guy and this one becoming evil and harsh
I don’t like it when I can see too much from this “life”
It is better to pierce love with sorrow and contempt when people ridicule behind their backs for being (cool)
in those days

What do you hope for? Ideals? Sorry! Impossible! Almost
It’s not going to come true
Recklessly I Run, rather than getting hurt and starve

If we are to live without dreams, makes it easier, happier and also cheaper
You have to let it go
If we are to live without hope,
I wish I could end all of this right now
It’s getting lonely…
Smile, then, the world needs your help.

We all will be happy
Don’t close me up, don’t cut my life short, just stay here.

Humans are such weak creatures
love and hope are necessary to them
So let’s… live together

Let’s all dream, and live on, live on
Yes, together, together, we shall look up to the sky
Let’s all hope, and live on, live on
Even if everything becomes broken
have a dream by your eyelids
I offer my wishes to this gloomy world, Kiryca
So sing, and the world would be cleared

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