Galileo Galilei - Pilot Girl (Romanized) Lyrics

Pilot Girl

Galileo Galilei

Yuuki Ozaki
Galileo Galilei

boku no nigate na baioretto de
Aete kimetari suru kimi wa kyou mo
Yosoku ga funou de rikai wo shitakute

itsudemo suu kiro saki wo itte
Kibouteki kansoku ni furumatta
Suresure no kaiwa rikai wo shitai yo

asette kimi wo oikakeru sono tabi ni takanaru kodou
Boku ni tarinai subete ni kono isshun de furerarerun da

sou kimi dake kimi dake nan da
Aa soredemo oitsukenai kamo

nodo ga kawaite shaberenai yo
Koko de iwanakya dame ni narunda
Domotte shimatte mitsumerareteita

dounimo dekinai zure wo
Motto hiraite shimae to kimi wa saki he
Saki he to ikunda oshitsubusaresou sa

itatte kimi wa shinpuru ni kabe no mukou wo misukaseru
Boku ni mienai subete wo kono isshun de uketometeita

sou kimi dake kimi dake nan da
Aa wakattanda oitsukenai koto

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    あえて決めたりする君は 今日も
    予測が不能で 理解をしたくて

    スレスレの会話 理解をしたいよ

    焦って君を追いかける その度に高鳴る鼓動
    僕に足りない全てに この一瞬で触れられるんだ

    そう君だけ 君だけなんだ
    ああそれでも 追いつけないかも

    どもってしまって 見つめられていた

    先へと行くんだ 押しつぶされそうさ

    いたって君はシンプルに 壁の向こうを見透かせる
    僕に見えない全てを この一瞬で受け止めていた

    そう君だけ 君だけなんだ
    ああ分かったんだ 追いつけないこと

    Daring to wear that violet color I hate so
    Your forecast for today is as incomprehensible as ever
    But I want to understand it

    Always going a few kilometers ahead of me
    Entertaining my wishful thinking
    That conversation that barely slipped by, I want to understand that, too

    In a hurry, I chase after you; every single time, my heart is racing
    Every last thing I lack–with that moment, I can feel it all

    Yeah, you’re the one, the only one for me
    Oh, but even still, I’m not sure I’ll be able to catch up to you

    My throat’s dry and I can’t speak
    But I have to say it now, or else
    I stammered, and now you’re staring at me

    That gap I had no chance of closing
    You’re suddenly opening it even wider, as you jet on ahead
    Ahead, and it feels like I’ll be crushed

    You were able to look through to the other side of the wall so very simply
    Every last thing that I couldn’t see–In that moment, I finally accepted it all

    Yeah, you’re the one, the only one for me
    Oh, but I realize it now–I won’t be able to catch up to you

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      Galileo Galilei - Pilot Girl Details

      Song Title: Pilot Girl
      Original Title: パイロットガール
      Artist: Galileo Galilei
      Lyricist: Yuuki Ozaki
      Composer: Galileo Galilei
      Release: 2013.10.09
      (Based on):
      Official Full

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