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止まずのミッドナイト・レイン あの子が泣いているように 都会の暗闇が あなたを包んでしまわぬように 手を離す ずっと遠くで あなたを愛し続けるから またねきっと Callin’up 今、何処にでも 分かる気がする 昨日のことも 消えそうになる 溶けない幻影を Callin’up 追いかけてまた 巡り会うように I’m callin’up the day-to-day with you I’m callin’up… たしかに恋はそこにあった 都会の桟橋で あなたの名を呼んだ
yamazu no middonaito rein ano ko ga naiteiru you ni tokai no kurayami ga anata o tsutsunde shimawanu you ni te o hanasu zutto tooku de anata o aishitsuzukeru kara mata ne kitto Callin’up ima, doko ni demo wakaru ki ga suru kinou no koto mo kiesou ni naru tokenai kage o Callin’up oikakete mata meguriau you ni I’m callin’up the day-to-day with you I’m callin’up… tashika ni koi wa soko ni atta tokai no sanbashi de anata no na o yonda
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    Like how that girl is crying the midnight rain falls without end to ensure that the darkness of the city won’t swallow you completely. Letting go of your hand, I’ll keep loving you from someplace far away. So bye... See you again, I’m sure. Callin’ up Now, anywhere, I think I finally get it. Even yesterday seems as if it'll vanish. So to an unfading shadow, I’m callin’ up. I’ll chase after you so that our paths can cross again. I’m callin’ up the day to day with you I’m callin’ up… Love was indeed there. On a wharf in the city I called your name.
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      作詞:Satori Dynamite
      作曲:Healthy Dynamite Club

      Lyrics:Satori Dynamite
      Composition:Healthy Dynamite Club

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